Trading Courses


We are committed in generating a financial conscience and a general awareness on they way money is seen in Mexico, loosing fear in making money work for you.
Our courses aim to open the general vision on what trading really is, both to have a better understanding on the management of your account and to become a trader yourself.
Our trainers have over 10 years of experience working the financial markets and teaching trading OTC products. Join this experience and make your money work for you.

Who is this course for?

Everyone who has an interest in giving their money a better use, making it grow without being an experience economist. You can acquire not only financial knowledge but a different life style in which you will belong to a small sector of traders in the world.

Who is this course for?

Basic module temary

  • What is trading in the stock market
  • Fundamental analysis in the market
  • Micro y Macro economy in the market
  • Demand and supply in the market
  • What is and where to apply technical analysis
  • Chart analysis and indicators
  • Basic technicalities of trading
  • Leverage
  • Operation channels identification
  • Unidirectional market vs bidirectional market
  • A trader’s attitude and aptitude
  • Strategy and operation
  • Different platforms and characteristics
  • Brokers and competition

Our courses consist of two modules:

Basic Module: with a cost of $6,000 MXN

Advanced Module: with a cost of $6,000 MXN

Both modules in one installment $11,520 MXN (4% discount)

Saturdays from 9am to 1pm (in our facilities)

Limited availability to 12 people ( to keep it personalized)

Term Monthly fee (one module) Monthly fee (both module)
3 months $2,313 $4,442
6 months $1,157 $2,221
9 months $771 $1481
12 months $578 $1,110